Zinc Plated Machine Screw, Pan Head, Phillips Drive, M4, Type B Point

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Fasten machine components, appliances, electrical boxes, handles, knobs, and more with these metric machine screws. They are constructed with zinc-plated steel for durability and smooth performance. The screws are easily secured with a Phillips driver and have a pan head for great grip, torque, and easy installation. Designed for use in a pre-tapped hole, the machine screws feature a metric thread and a Type B point. They comply with the Industrial Fasteners Institute's ASME B18.6.3 standards.
Length: 10 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 22 mm 25 mm 30 mm 35 mm 40 mm 50 mm Packaging format: Blister of 5 units Blister of 6 units Blister of 7 units Blister of 8 units Blister of 9 units Box of 100 Box of 1000 Thousand Box of 6000 Select Options
Product # Length Packaging format
PPMZM410MR 10 mm Blister of 9 units
PPMZM410VP 10 mm Box of 100
PPMZM410 10 mm Box of 1000
PPMZM412MR 12 mm Blister of 9 units
PPMZM412VP 12 mm Box of 100
PPMZM412 12 mm Thousand
PPMZM416MR 16 mm Blister of 8 units
PPMZM416VP 16 mm Box of 100
PPMZM416 16 mm Thousand
PPMZM420MR 20 mm Blister of 8 units
PPMZM420VP 20 mm Box of 100
PPMZM420 20 mm Box of 1000
PPMZM422 22 mm Box of 6000
PPMZM425MR 25 mm Blister of 7 units
PPMZM425VP 25 mm Box of 100
PPMZM425 25 mm Box of 1000
PPMZM430MR 30 mm Blister of 6 units
PPMZM430VP 30 mm Box of 100
PPMZM430 30 mm Thousand
PPMZM435MR 35 mm Blister of 5 units
PPMZM435VP 35 mm Box of 100
PPMZM435 35 mm Thousand
PPMZM440MR 40 mm Blister of 5 units
PPMZM440VP 40 mm Box of 100
PPMZM440 40 mm Box of 1000
PPMZM450MR 50 mm Blister of 5 units
PPMZM450VP 50 mm Box of 100
PPMZM450 50 mm Box of 1000


Screw Size
Thread Count (Pitch/TPI)
Thread Type
Head Type
Drive required
Drive Size
#2 (Phillips)
Pulls and Buttons
Standards and Certifications
ASME B18.6.3
Head Size
no. 4
Full thread
Point Type
Type B
Specific Application
Handles and Knobs