PWR DRIVE FIT - Dual-action Premium Trim Head Screws

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Ideal for assembling stronger miters

Power Drive is the new premium line of screw products from Reliable. The PWR Drive FIT is the trim head screw from that line, suitable for all trim applications but especially designed for assembling stronger miters. This screw has a very special drill tip to help with tricky angle starts and will outperform type 17 in preventing wood splitting. This feature allows the FIT to be used not only for face screwing but also on the side of regular 3/4 in wood boards.

The biggest asset of the FIT is without a doubt its second thread: this thread is slower than the first one, producing a clamping effect that gives the FIT an assembly strength that no other trim head screw has. In essence, since all trim head screws have by nature small heads that cannot push, the second thread replaces the strength that the head of a regular flat head wood screw would produce. The FIT is the best of both worlds: assembly strength with a small head that almost disappears.

The FIT #9 x 6 with its very special thread design is particularly useful for assembling ultra strong miters and has to be one of the most innovative screws to hit the fastener market in the past 15 years. Watch the video and see the benefit it brings to deck staircase assemblies.

All PWR FIT screws come with the same corrosion-resistant coating that is used on our structural screws, certified compliant with the IBC and IRC building codes.
Screw Size: 7 8 9 Length: 1 5/8 in 2 1/2 in 3 in 4 in 5 in 6 in Packaging format: Blister of 75 units Blister of 100 units Box of 250 Box of 300 Box of 500 Box of 500 Box of 600 Box of 1000 Box of 1500 Box of 3000 Box of 5000 Select Options
Product # Screw Size Length Packaging format
THTDTT7158MX 7 1 5/8 in Blister of 100 units
THTDTT7158J 7 1 5/8 in Box of 500
THTDTT7158 7 1 5/8 in Box of 5000
THTDTT7212MX 7 2 1/2 in Blister of 100 units
THTDTT7212J 7 2 1/2 in Box of 300
THTDTT7212 7 2 1/2 in Box of 3000
THTDTT83MX 8 3 in Blister of 100 units
THTDTT83J 8 3 in Box of 300
THTDTT83 8 3 in Box of 1500
THTDTT84MX 8 4 in Blister of 100 units
THTDTT84J 8 4 in Box of 250
THTDTT84 8 4 in Box of 1000
THTDTT95MX 9 5 in Blister of 75 units
THTDTT95J 9 5 in Box of 250
THTDTT95 9 5 in Box of 600
THTDTT96MX 9 6 in Blister of 75 units
THTDTT96J 9 6 in Box of 250
THTDTT96 9 6 in Box of 500


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Modified Truss
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Drive Size
Point Type
Type 17