DIN 975 Metric Industrial Threaded Rod - A2 Stainless Steel

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Length: 1 m 2 m 3 m Diameter: M10 M10X1.25 M12 M12X1.25 M12X1.50 M14 M14x1.50 M16 M18 M2 M20 M20X1.50 M24 M27 M3 M30 M36 M4 M5 M6 M8 M8x1.00 Thread Type: Metric Fine / Metric Select Options
Product # Length Diameter Thread Type
975L10X1 1 m M10 Metric
975L10X125X1 1 m M10X1.25 Fine / Metric
975L12X1 1 m M12 Metric
975L12X125X1 1 m M12X1.25 Fine / Metric
975L12X150X1 1 m M12X1.50 Fine / Metric
975L14X1 1 m M14 Metric
975L14X150X1 1 m M14x1.50 Fine / Metric
975L16X1 1 m M16 Metric
975L18X1 1 m M18 Metric
975L2X1 1 m M2 Metric
975L20X1 1 m M20 Metric
975L20X150X1 1 m M20X1.50 Fine / Metric
975L24X1 1 m M24 Metric
975L27X1 1 m M27 Metric
975L3X1 1 m M3 Metric
975L30X1 1 m M30 Metric
975L36X1 1 m M36 Metric
975L4X1 1 m M4 Metric
975L5X1 1 m M5 Metric
975L6X1 1 m M6 Metric
975L8X1 1 m M8 Metric
975L8X100X1 1 m M8x1.00 Fine / Metric
975L10X2 2 m M10 Metric
975L12X2 2 m M12 Metric
975L16X2 2 m M16 Metric
975L20X2 2 m M20 Metric
975L24X2 2 m M24 Metric
975L8X2 2 m M8 Metric
975L10X3 3 m M10 Metric
975L12X3 3 m M12 Metric
975L16X3 3 m M16 Metric
975L20X3 3 m M20 Metric
975L24X3 3 m M24 Metric


Stainless Steel A2
Stainless Steel
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DIN 975
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