Button Head Socket Cap Screw - A2 Stainless Steel

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Thread: Full thread Partial thread Screw Size: M10 M12 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 Length: 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 14 mm 16 mm 20 mm 25 mm 30 mm 35 mm 40 mm 45 mm 50 mm 55 mm 60 mm 70 mm 80 mm 90 mm 100 mm Select Options
Product # Thread Screw Size Length
7380L10X12 Full thread M10 12 mm
7380L10X16 Full thread M10 16 mm
7380L10X20 Full thread M10 20 mm
7380L10X25 Full thread M10 25 mm
7380L10X30 Full thread M10 30 mm
7380L10X80F Full thread M10 80 mm
7380L12X25 Full thread M12 25 mm
7380L12X30 Full thread M12 30 mm
7380L12X35 Full thread M12 35 mm
7380L3X4 Full thread M3 4 mm
7380L3X5 Full thread M3 5 mm
7380L3X6 Full thread M3 6 mm
7380L3X8 Full thread M3 8 mm
7380L3X10 Full thread M3 10 mm
7380L3X12 Full thread M3 12 mm
7380L3X16 Full thread M3 16 mm
7380L4X6 Full thread M4 6 mm
7380L4X8 Full thread M4 8 mm
7380L4X10 Full thread M4 10 mm
7380L4X12 Full thread M4 12 mm
7380L4X14 Full thread M4 14 mm
7380L4X16 Full thread M4 16 mm
7380L4X20 Full thread M4 20 mm
7380L5X6 Full thread M5 6 mm
7380L5X8 Full thread M5 8 mm
7380L5X10 Full thread M5 10 mm
7380L5X12 Full thread M5 12 mm
7380L5X14 Full thread M5 14 mm
7380L5X16 Full thread M5 16 mm
7380L5X20 Full thread M5 20 mm
7380L6X8 Full thread M6 8 mm
7380L6X10 Full thread M6 10 mm
7380L6X12 Full thread M6 12 mm
7380L6X14 Full thread M6 14 mm
7380L6X16 Full thread M6 16 mm
7380L6X20 Full thread M6 20 mm
7380L8X8 Full thread M8 8 mm
7380L8X20 Full thread M8 20 mm
7380L8X25 Full thread M8 25 mm
7380L8X80F Full thread M8 80 mm
7380L8X90F Full thread M8 90 mm
7380L8X100F Full thread M8 100 mm
7380L10X35 Partial thread M10 35 mm
7380L10X40 Partial thread M10 40 mm
7380L10X45 Partial thread M10 45 mm
7380L10X50 Partial thread M10 50 mm
7380L10X60 Partial thread M10 60 mm
7380L12X40 Partial thread M12 40 mm
7380L12X50 Partial thread M12 50 mm
7380L12X70 Partial thread M12 70 mm
7380L3X20 Partial thread M3 20 mm
7380L3X25 Partial thread M3 25 mm
7380L3X30 Partial thread M3 30 mm
7380L3X35 Partial thread M3 35 mm
7380L3X40 Partial thread M3 40 mm
7380L4X25 Partial thread M4 25 mm
7380L4X30 Partial thread M4 30 mm
7380L4X35 Partial thread M4 35 mm
7380L4X40 Partial thread M4 40 mm
7380L5X25 Partial thread M5 25 mm
7380L5X30 Partial thread M5 30 mm
7380L5X35 Partial thread M5 35 mm
7380L5X40 Partial thread M5 40 mm
7380L5X45 Partial thread M5 45 mm
7380L5X50 Partial thread M5 50 mm
7380L6X25 Partial thread M6 25 mm
7380L6X30 Partial thread M6 30 mm
7380L6X35 Partial thread M6 35 mm
7380L6X40 Partial thread M6 40 mm
7380L6X45 Partial thread M6 45 mm
7380L6X50 Partial thread M6 50 mm
7380L6X55 Partial thread M6 55 mm
7380L8X10 Partial thread M8 10 mm
7380L8X12 Partial thread M8 12 mm
7380L8X14 Partial thread M8 14 mm
7380L8X16 Partial thread M8 16 mm
7380L8X30 Partial thread M8 30 mm
7380L8X35 Partial thread M8 35 mm
7380L8X40 Partial thread M8 40 mm
7380L8X45 Partial thread M8 45 mm
7380L8X50 Partial thread M8 50 mm
7380L8X60 Partial thread M8 60 mm
7380L8X70 Partial thread M8 70 mm


Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel A2
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Standards and Certifications
ISO 7380