Drywall Screw for Professional Use, Bugle Head, Phillips Drive, Type W Point

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RzR Pro®

These RzR® screws are made for drywalls and are designed be used with a Phillips-head screwdriver. They are made of steel with a black phosphate finish and are subject to an enhanced quality control.
Thread Type: Coarse Fine Length: 1 1/4 in 1 5/8 in Packaging format: Box of 5000 Box of 8000 Select Options
Product # Thread Type Length Packaging format
DSC6114PRO Coarse 1 1/4 in Box of 8000
DSC6158PRO Coarse 1 5/8 in Box of 5000
DS6114PRO Fine 1 1/4 in Box of 8000
DS6158PRO Fine 1 5/8 in Box of 5000
DS62PRO Fine 2 in Box of 3500


Screw Size
Head Type