Furniture Nail

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Material: Antique Brass Black Nickel Solid Brass White Packaging format: Blister of 40 units Box of 1000 Thousand Select Options
Product number Material Packaging format
FNAB71612MR Antique Brass Blister of 40 units
FNAB71612 Antique Brass Thousand
FNBK71612MR Black Blister of 40 units
FNN71612MR Nickel Blister of 40 units
FNN71612M1 Nickel Box of 1000
FNN71612 Nickel Thousand
FNBP71612MR Solid Brass Blister of 40 units
FNW71612MR White Blister of 40 units
FNW71612 White Thousand


These upholstery nails are a great choice for finishing off your furniture projects. The upholstery tacks are made of steel and feature a daisy-style head and a colored finish for a stylish look.


7/16 in
Length - Overall Dimensions
1/2 in
Furniture Nail

To buy, choose from the options.