External Snap Ring

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An external snap ring fits into the grooves of a shaft to secure parts and hold components of an assembly. Open these rings, pass them over the end of a shaft, and release to spring into the groove, ideally using a retaining ring plier tool.
Dimensions: 1/16 in 1/8 in 3/16 in 1/4 in 3/8 in 1/2 in 5/8 in 3/4 in 7/8 in Select Options
Product # Dimensions
ESR116MR 1/16 in
ESR18MR 1/8 in
ESR18WMR 1/8 in
ESR316MR 3/16 in
ESR316WMR 3/16 in
ESR14MR 1/4 in
ESR14WMR 1/4 in
ESR38MR 3/8 in
ESR38WMR 3/8 in
ESR12MR 1/2 in
ESR12WMR 1/2 in
ESR58MR 5/8 in
ESR34MR 3/4 in
ESR78MR 7/8 in