Piano Hinge - Width: 40 mm

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Piano hinges, or continuous hinges, found their name from their original purpose, piano lids. They are now used in various everyday wood and metal made utilities like chests, foldable doors, trunks, safes or in more heavy-duty utilities like shed/barn doors or fire doors. This type of hinge is made with only 3 three components, which makes it simple to use and install. The load capacity of this type of hinge is unfortunately very difficult to calculate and is mostly dictated by the material used, the thickness of the hinge and the pin diameter. On the other hand they can meet the most demanding needs if chosen carefully.

Piano hinges are a very strong and cost effective way to conduct your different type of project. They can meet the most demanding needs if chosen carefully.

- Made in Canada
Color/Finish: Brass Nickel Length: 1 751.9904 mm 25 m Center to Center Drilling: 60 mm Packaging format: Per unit Per unit Select Options
Product # Color/Finish Length Center to Center Drilling Packaging format
401740130 Brass 1 751.9904 mm   Per unit
4025130 Brass 25 m   Per unit
4025180 Nickel 25 m 60 mm Per unit


40 mm
0.8 mm
Fixed Pin
With Holes
#5 Screw


- Cabinets, storage boxes & outdoor sheds
- Aluminum shower doors
- Display booths
- Security deposit boxes
- Money-counter machines
- Trailers/campers/mobile homes
- Waste containers
- Casino and arcade machines
- Agriculture, construction and airline equipment
- Large ocean vessels/sail boats (salt, rust and water-proof)
- Appliances
- Laboratory and medical equipment