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These thumbtacks provide versatile use for a range of light fastening projects. They are made of steel for strength and have a colored top for a decorative look. A flat, rounded, plastic head and sharp point makes them quick and easy to install on walls or boards.
Material: White Assorted Black Nickel Solid Brass Packaging format: Blister of 55 units Box of 1000 Select Options
Product # Material Packaging format
TTW438MR White Blister of 55 units
TTW438 White Box of 1000
TTA438MR Assorted Blister of 55 units
TTA438 Assorted Thousand
TTBK438MR Black Blister of 55 units
TTNP438MR Nickel Blister of 55 units
TTNP438 Nickel Box of 1000
TTBP438MR Solid Brass Blister of 55 units
TTBP438 Solid Brass Box of 1000


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