18-Gauge Brad Nail

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These brad nails are a great fastener choice for all your trim, molding, and other smaller finishing projects. They are made of steel with a smooth shank and brad head that help prevent splitting and offer clean, professional-looking results.
Length - Overall Dimensions: 1/2 in 5/8 in 3/4 in 1 in Packaging format: Blister of 291 units Kilogram Select Options
Product # Length - Overall Dimensions Packaging format
BSN12MR 1/2 in Blister of 291 units
BSN12 1/2 in Kilogram
BSN58MR 5/8 in Blister of 40 units
BSN58 5/8 in Kilogram
BSN34MR 3/4 in Blister of 40 units
BSN34 3/4 in Kilogram
BSN1MR 1 in Blister of 236 units
BSN1 1 in Kilogram




Please note that the quantities for products ending in MR are approximated and may vary from one package to the next since the product is sold by weight.